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    AmReal Investments was created to seek new investment opportunities to add to the existing diversified portfolio of the Amoroso Companies. AmReal is well-positioned to acquire real estate assets which will provide opportunities for added value in development, restructuring or repositioning of assets for high rates of return.

    The AmReal team has a strong track record of long-term relationships with sophisticated investors, while continuously forging new relationships with other interested parties. Depending on the opportunity, AmReal will invest in development projects or co-invest with other successful institutional or real estate investors. The AmReal team has the experience to tailor an investment structure to suit a particular transaction and to meet the needs of all parties.

    Leveraging the vast real experience of the Amoroso Companies, AmReal is currently targeting investment opportunities in the following areas:

    • Development of multifamily projects in Southern California
    • Hospitality opportunities throughout the United States
    • Development of Class A Medical Office in Southern California

    For more information regarding our current investment criteria, please contact the Acquisitions Team.